FANCL Beaury Green Kale Powder

Kale is the cabbage family that is most effective green leafy vegetable.


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Kale is the cabbage family that is most effective green leafy vegetable.

It contains fiber, foliate, potassium, Vitamin A, C, U and K. It is the highest volume of Natural Plant Fiber product. 1 stick contains approx. 30 grams of kale leaves. FANCL's unique process made it possible to reduce bitterness and rough texture that KALE powder usually has.

Hesperidin is a flavanone glycoside found in citrus fruits

Free of preservatives, salt and artificial color.
Can be taken during pregnancy or breast-feeding or by children.
Consult your doctor if you are on any kind of medication(especially for heart disease,) intake of Vitamin K is restricted or see a doctor regularly.
Taking a large amount of Kale at one time may cause loose stool.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Volume 30 or 90 days supply: 11.6g × 30 or 90 packets
Ingredients Dietary fiber: 0.70g, sodium: 6.3 ~ 16mg, potassium: 29 ~ 117mg, calcium: 16 ~ 42mg, magnesium: 2.6 ~ 9.7mg, iron: 0.04 ~ 0.09mg, β- carotene: 56 ~ 440μg, vitamin C: 25 ~ 69mg, vitamin E: 0.11 ~ 0.33mg, vitamin K: 15 ~ 44μg, folic acid: 15μg, ceramide: 600μg, HTC collagen (tripeptide-rich collagen peptide): 300mg, vitamin (hesperidin): 50mg, citric acid: 104 ~ 223mg, total chlorophyll: 1.9 ~ 6.1mg, SOD-like activity: 7800-22000 units, lutein: 0.22 ~ 0.57mg
Directions for Use One box contains 30 individual packs for your convenience. Just mix with Juice or water. One or two sticks a day is recommended.
Concern Anti-Aging
Product Type Supplements & Vitamins
Formulation Type Powder
Country of manufacture Japan


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